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Delicious & Healthy Gluten-free Thanksgiving Recipes

November 16, 2021

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Updated November 16, 2021

While many people are excited to celebrate the holidays, this season can be quite stressful for those on more restricted diets or who just want to eat healthy.

Even if you’re trying to reduce your intake of sugars, processed carbs, or gluten, these recipes can help you indulge in delicious food and still feel great afterwards. They also offer lots of colorful, phytonutrient-rich foods, which support a healthy brain and body. All of these options are gluten-free, and many are keto or paleo-friendly, too!

This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for these scrumptious, gluten-free recipes:

Vegetables & Salads


Photo by Cookie and Kate

(P = paleo, K = keto)

Salads can be made dairy-free by removing the cheese or substituting with your favorite non-dairy cheese or protein.

Side Dishes


Photo by Calm Eats

Side dishes can be made dairy-free by substituting butter with another cooking oil or fat, such as coconut oil or palm kernel oil.

Entrees (Vegetarian)

Photo by Minimalist Baker



Desserts can be made dairy-free by substituting butter with coconut oil.

More Healthy Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner

You can also check out the following lists:


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