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Our clinic is committed to:


We individualize treatment to your unique history and medical data, as well as incorporate cutting-edge treatment options based on the latest research.


We use comprehensive testing to get to the biological root causes of your symptoms, from gut imbalances and mineral deficiencies to immune dysfunction.

KNOWING YOU as a whole person

We keep our practice small so that we can get to know you and your history in depth, provide comprehensive care, and be more available and accessible.

For patients seeking innovate and supportive treatments, we offer individual services to complement your care. Our services include neurofeedback, neuromodulation, and qEEG brain mapping. 

If you are interested in specific services, please follow the instructions below and  indicate the specific service you are interested and the name of the medical provider that you currently partner with.


For patients who are seeking answers to their health challenges, we use an investigative, whole-body approach to understand your symptoms and tailor treatments to your unique needs. Work towards long-term healing, not just symptom management.

Patients pursuing comprehensive care are enrolled in our membership model, which includes a modest monthly fee, in addition to regular appointment fees.

We offer two pathways for healing:

Integrative Care



Review our care parameters.





We serve patients whose primary symptoms are related to mental or brain health, including issues with mood, behavior, and cognitive function. You can view the full list of conditions we serve here. 

Some treatments that we recommend may require in-person appointments 2-3 times per week. For this reason, we primarily work with patients who are within commuting distance to our clinic.

Addressing biological root causes may take a significant amount of time and resources. We primarily work with patients who are ready to commit to long-term healing and do not offer one-time consultations.

We are also unable to provide referrals for specific doctors in other states or internationally.
Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that as a small clinic, we have limited availability for new patients.
We do not maintain a waitlist, but if we are unable to offer you an appointment, we will provide alternative resources based on the information you provide.

We do not recommend writing any sensitive medical information here.


If our pathways and care parameters align with your needs, please fill out the following intake form. 
We ask prospective patients to fill out our new patient form on our website, rather than call or email us. If further information is needed, a call can be scheduled afterward we review the contact form. 
We respect the time and effort patients invest in healing and want to make sure that we are a good fit before scheduling an initial appointment. 
In addition, as a small clinic we have limited availability  for new patients. 
 If you are contacting us in behalf of another adult, please make sure to include their email, as we will need to contact them directly for all future correspondences.

For those interested in integrative comprehensive care, please review the information on rates in the FAQ below. Those interested in neurotherapy services can sign up for a one time information email on our neurotherapy pages that that includes detailed information on rates and insurance codes.

Our clinic staff will review submitted forms and respond to your inquiry within 3-4 business days.

Ready to contact us?

Insurance companies discourage taking time to listen and understand the complexity of each patient. Because of this, our clinic is not contracted with any insurance companies.
If you have a PPO insurance plan and have met your deductible, it is likely that a percentage of the charges will be reimbursed to you at the out-of-network rate. We will provide an itemized superbill that includes appropriate ICD (medical diagnostic codes) and CPT (procedure codes) for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement after you have made a payment to our office

Integrative psychiatry consultations with Dr. Chandra are $640 per hour. In addition, there is monthly membership fee for those working with Dr. Chandra for integrative psychiatry.
Patients interested in learning more about our rates and services for our neurotherapy program can fill out a form to receive a one-time e-mail on our neurotherapy pages. Those interested in neurotherapy services only are welcome to work with our clinic without the membership model.

Yes, we welcome the opportunity to support patients who are working with other therapists or doctors for complementary treatments.

Because many of our patients require in-person visits, we work primarily with patients who live within driving distance of our office. Additionally, Dr. Chandra is only able to provide virtual consultations, when appropriate, to patients located in Maryland and Virginia.

All new patients must be seen in the clinic for the initial evaluations. In addition, we are only able to provide virtual care, when appropriate, for patients in Maryland and Virginia.

"Over the four years I’ve worked with Dr. Chandra, she has taken me from my lowest low, to a point of being totally functional. I can now care for my family, exercise regularly, and thrive in my daily life. Dr. Chandra has brought me to a point of whole wellness."


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