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“…every time we have an appointment I leave feeling once again at peace and very hopeful for my son’s future.”

“If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health disease I would 100% without hesitation recommend consulting with Dr. Suruchi Chandra. I cannot say enough good things about her, this office and its staff. In Dr. Chandra you will find a kind, empathetic practitioner who really cares and listens and takes a lot of time with you. Instead of masking your child’s symptoms with psychiatric medication, Dr. Chandra will work at discovering the root cause of the disease and work to restore the body and mind back to health.   

We drive 5+ hours one way for an appointment, but that just shows how much confidence I have in Dr. Chandra’s care and how much of a positive change I have seen in my son. Looking at pictures from 2 years ago I marvel at how different it is now. He has come so far and made great progress.

The office staff have been wonderful and my son loves to chat with them. The fact that they truly care shows in what they do, and their enthusiasm in listening to my son chatter on about his interests while he does his treatments makes him feel very comfortable and he enjoys going.

They have helped my son tremendously and every time we have a follow-up appointment I leave feeling once again at peace and very hopeful for my son’s future.” - M. R.

“…the first to define the root cause…the first to offer what felt like a cure.”

“After nearly eight years of trying to heal our childrens' health issues - using nearly every type of physical, emotional, and nutritional therapeutic approach - we plateaued in 2016 and, thankfully, found Dr. Chandra.

She was the first practitioner to define specifically the root cause of our children's developmental and neuropsychiatric issues. She was also the first to offer what felt like a cure, rather than just another set of techniques to manage symptoms. She is a true healer, in my opinion, working on the leading edge of understanding and healing the causes of autism, sensory issues, and similar developmental and mental health disorders. We saw more improvement in our childrens' physical and emotional well-being after one month of working with her than in eight years of using occupational therapy, play therapy, and nutritional therapy.

Also, as the parent of very sensitive children, we are ever grateful to have found Dr. Chandra - not only because her approach is on the leading edge of understanding and healing developmental and neuropsychiatric disorders, but also because she and her staff are incredibly warm, connected, and nurturing with children. Her practice feels small and intimate and her staff do a wonderful job helping my children to feel safe and relaxed during their visits.” - J. W.

“She has tackled chronic health problems that stump most doctors.”

“Can't say enough good things about Dr. Chandra. My son was her patient until she moved out of state. Her fact-building about one's health, brilliant mind capable of thinking outside the box, gentile sincere demeanor all add up to her being second to no other physician. She has tackled the types of chronic health problems that stump most doctors. Her keen sense of reading symptoms and peeling back layered health problems allow her to find the root cause of illness.” - V. O.

“…the best possible combination of natural and Western medicine.”

“How do I adequately convey what a God-send Dr. Chandra has been for me? I was having significant memory issues and very low energy - among a host of other issues. My Harvard educated and trained internist suggested I contact Dr. Chandra because my doctor had another patient whom Dr. Chandra had helped. My internist’s exact words were: "She has really done wonders for a lovely patient of mine.” Dr. Chandra has done wonders for me, too.

She offers so much: an educated, trained and skilled eye for recognizing and diagnosing issues (not simply a science but an art), the knowledge and know-how to effectively treat those issues, a mind that can think outside the box, patience, kindness, trustworthiness, humility and the best possible combination of natural and Western medicine (although I don’t think she has to resort to Western medicine very often).

I canNOT recommend her highly enough and honestly, I have trouble keeping my mouth shut when I hear about someone struggling with a health issue because I have confidence Dr. Chandra could offer that person something 99% of regular medical doctors can’t and don’t: healing. And yes, my memory is almost 100% back (we’re not finished) and my energy level and overall health is excellent.” - E. S.

“She has taken me from my lowest low…to a point of whole wellness.”

“A friend recommended Dr. Chandra and I started seeing her in 2014. She has literally changed my whole life! Given me a renewed hope! Over the four years I’ve worked with Dr. Chandra, she has taken me from my lowest low, to a point of being totally functional. During the first seven years of my illness, there were time periods that I was completely bedridden. I couldn’t care for my family, and my young children – I was basically dependent on others. I had a lot of brain fog and a lot of numbness in my arms and legs- to the point where I couldn’t walk and perform daily activities. I maintained a positive attitude & had fabulous support form my husband, family & friends. Now with Dr. Chandra I knew I could continue to work through different variables with my body. I can now care for my family, exercise regularly, and thrive in my daily life. Dr. Chandra has brought me to a point of whole wellness.

In terms of her medical knowledge, Dr. Chandra is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met! She is wicked smart! She really cares for the whole person- medically, physically, and emotionally. She possesses an intuition that is medically sound and produces astonishing healing results! I not only get medical care from her, but I feel she’s a counselor and healer. Dr. Chandra is so many amazing people wrapped up in just one practitioner!

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Chandra; she is a huge blessing to me and my family!” - M. G.


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