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Two Paths For Healing

we offer



individual services

comprehensive Integrative care

Treatments aimed at building  resilience and supporting long term healing. 

A functional and integrative medicine approach to uncover and address root causes. 

Individual Services

True healing often requires more than a single approach or pill. This is why we offer multiple treatments under one roof. 

Current services that we offer:



Brain mapping

To learn more about our neurotherapy program, you can sign up to our one-time email on our neurotherapy page.

Patients who pursue individual services are not enrolled in the membership model. 

Comprehensive Integrative Care

For those seeking to incorporate functional medicine and laboratory testing to uncover and address the root cause of their symptoms. Patients are welcome to use any of our individual services when indicated. 

Patients in this path enroll in a membership model that includes a modest monthly fee in addition to visit charges.  
This allows us to keep our practice small, know you well, and support you every step of the way. 

Benefits of our membership model:

Patient portal messaging

Timely appointment availability 

Coordination of care with other doctors and clincs

Discounted pricing on certain labs

Discounts on many supplements and shipping

And more

For patients who want to take a deep dive and thoroughly understand all of the contributors to their health challenges.

The  membership fee is $50 per month.

  • Patients who pursue Neurotherapy services only are not enrolled in the membership model. 

Whether you’ve just begun to seek help, or are years-deep into a frustrating journey, we invite you to explore new possibilities for healing with us.

Ready to embark on a new healing journey?