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DR. SURUCHI CHANDRA | integrative approaches to mental health

Mental health and behavioral conditions are more than simple chemical imbalances.
This is why one-size-fits-all treatments do not work for many.

a whole new approach.

More than just a new prescription.

Our unique approach allows us to understand you as a whole person and to provide a wide range of treatment modalities, giving you the best chance at true healing.

You need

Instead of just knowing your symptoms, we take the time to get to know you and your unique story so that we can become true partners in your health journey.


We incorporate many tools that have been used in traditional healing systems to provide gentle, non-invasive treatment options with fewer side-effects.


Our treatments are based on the most up-to-date research in neuroscience and medicine, from restoring the gut microbiome to neurotherapy techniques.


Our approach incorporates:

Treatment Offerings

For those looking for more answers and deeper healing than a typical psychiatric visit offers. We closely partner with patients and use an integrative and functional medicine approach to uncover and address root causes.



Sometimes talk therapy isn't enough. Neurofeedback uses the language of the brain to create biological change by retraining your brainwave activity to move away from unhealthy patterns associated with depression or anxiety to healthier activity. 


Neuromodulation incorporates the latest neuroscience into treatment by supporting the brain's healing with gentle stimulation (via light, current, and/or magnets). Our neuromodulation services include transcranial stimulation, photobiomodulation, and PEMF. 


Recent neuroscience research has taught us that not everyone with the same diagnosis has the same brain activity. Our clinic uses qEEG brain mapping techniques to investigate what may underlie your symptoms and to tailor treatments to your specific needs.



COMING SOON: Integrative nutrition

"Dr. Chandra's fact-building about one's health, brilliant mind capable of thinking outside the box, gentile sincere demeanor all add up to her being second to no other physician. She has tackled the types of chronic health problems that stump most doctors."


If you are located beyond commuting distance to our office, we hope that the resource below may be helpful in finding another provider closer to you and your family:
Our office is currently located in Bethesda, MD. If you are within commuting distance to our office, click below to learn more about our integrative approach and how to become a new patient.




Ready to work towards long-term healing?

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Because many of our patients require in-person visits, we work primarily with patients who live within driving distance of our office. Additionally, Dr. Chandra is only able to provide virtual consultations, when appropriate, to patients located in Maryland and Virginia. 
Additionally, we do not provide one or short-term consultations. We work with patients toward long-erm healing.

Whenever appropriate, Dr. Chandra does help patients who are interested in coming off or reducing their dose and/or number of psychiatric medications. However, this is generally only done after a patient is both in a stable condition and some work has been done to address underlying  issues. Therefore, the process of reducing medications does not usually begin in the initial few visits. Additionally, for some patients, longer-term treatment with medications may be indicated. 

Our clinic does not have expertise in the following areas: substance abuse & addiction, cognitive decline, and certain psychotic disorders. 

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